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  • "He (Kejriwal) has remained an agitator, when he should have been an administrator. I think the habit of agitating hasn’t finished in them. They think that a solution to a problem can only be derived by staging a protest," by Kiran Bedi..

  • Who exactly isArvind Kejriwal?? If we are electing somebody to govern us, it is essential that we must know the person. But, a few months in politics and a few days in the CM’s chair are inadequate for making up your mind about a leader, especially when the person concerned is a bundle of contradictions. It is quite possible that Kejriwal himself is straddling many personas by choice. Since he is also starved of time, it is possible that the Delhi CM is investing in many roles to find out which one of them yields the maximum dividends. Or, and this is more likely, his inexperience and the pressure around him are pulling Kejriwal in various directions.Based on the evidence so far, Kejriwal could be all or any of these three: a crusading anarchist, a wronged person and a probationary visionary. Given a choice, we would have liked to see clinching evidence in favour of any of these three competing Kejriwals.

  • Addressing the nation on the eve of Republic day, the President had said that populist anarchy cannot be a substitute for governance.

  • That strange contradiction was etched on the confused and apprehensive faces of police officers, who tried to hold back protesters while being oddly deferential. By the end of the day, the strain became evident as scuffles between the police and the newly empowered protest leaders broke out several times.

  • AAP senior leader Yogender Yadav said that protests were “legitimate methods” in a democratic nation.
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